Shopping in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech

Shopping in Marrakech is a completely different experience to Europe, the U.S. or Australia. You will firstly have to be very patient and be willing to haggle to make the experience as entertaining as it can be.

The city’s medina is home to several souks that are all intertwined where you can get countless Moroccan souvenirs.

Traditional products from Marrakech


Most traditional Moroccan products are handmade and it is possible to see the elaboration process in some of the shops and market stalls.

  • Leather: In Marrakech you will find a great variety of leather shoes, bags of all sizes and shapes, leather jackets and other items made from tanned leather.
  • Fabrics: Carpets, tapestries and hijabs are a favourite among visitors that are looking to decorate their homes. If you are not interested in purchasing a carpet, make sure you are clear from the very beginning, otherwise the merchant will insist for what may seem like an eternity and will probably make you a little uncomfortable.
  • Silver and metal objects: If you like jewellery you will find a great variety in Marrakech. There are also numerous items made of copper.

Food items

  • Dates: Dates have always played an important role in Moroccan cuisine and are especially sought with the arrival of Ramadan. The stalls sell numerous varieties of this delicatessen at different prices and quality.
  • Sweets: Moroccan sweets are extremely honeyed and sticky, but very delicious made from a mix of almonds and honey. These types of sweets normally accompany the mint tea.
  • Spices: If you are a fan of spices, Marrakech is the place to go to buy hundreds of colourful and odorous spices. These are also much cheaper than in Europe or the States. 
  • Moroccan mint tea: You will probably miss this sweet hot drink after spending a few days drinking it. You can buy tea-bags with the mix prepared to take back home.
  • Saffron: Normally saffron is an expensive spice to buy. However, in Marrakech you can get this strong yellow-coloured spice very cheaply.

Traditional medicine

In Marrakech there are a large number of traditional pharmacies and herbalist’s shop that offer cures for every kind of ailment. The ingredients of any cream or medicine which you take an interest in will be explained to you in detail by the merchant to entice you to buy it.

Prices and haggling

Merchants in Marrakech’s souks love to haggle, this means that the most popular souvenirs vary greatly in price depending on the tourist’s willingness and gift for bargaining and ability to come to an agreement with the merchant.

A good tip is never to pay more than half of the initial asking price. In Marrakech and the rest of Morocco this is the way things are done. If the merchant seems unwilling to lower the price, all you have to do is leave the shop and this is when the bargaining starts.

Shopping streets, markets and souks

Marrakech is packed with shops and stall of all sorts, which makes it difficult to say exactly where the shopping areas start and finish. One of the best parts to get lost and become part of “One Thousand and One Nights” is without a doubt the medina’s souks, an open-air market full of traditional products to cater for all tastes.

If you would like to buy Western-looking clothing and accessories, we recommend heading to Gueliz. The most expensive boutiques and high-end stores are located in Avenue Mohammed V.