Where to Eat in Marrakech

Where to Eat in Marrakech

Visitors will eat extremely well in Marrakech. The city offers from delicious traditional Moroccan dishes to international cuisine in part thanks to French colonial influence and the importance of the tourism industry.

What to eat in Marrakech?

The gastronomy in Morocco is very varied and diverse. The most famous dishes are couscous and tagine.

A North African Berber dish, couscous is cooked small balls of semolina combined with lamb or chicken and vegetables, and sometimes with an egg. Moroccans usually have this dish every Friday, the day of congregation for Muslims.

Tagines (tajine) is named after the terra cotta pot the dish is cooked and served in. It is basically a Moroccan specialty made with meat or fish accompanied with fruit or vegetables.

Other traditional Moroccan food includes salad, fruit and sausages.

Sweets and tea

Moroccan mint tea is a way of life for the citizens of the country. You can try some at any of the city’s cafés, but you will also probably be offered free tea at your hotel, riad, shops, restaurants among many other places. The tea is made with spearmint leaves and sugar.

Having dinner in the food stalls in Jemaa el-Fnaa

Many inhabitants of Marrakech and some of the most daring tourists can have dinner in the food stands of the city’s main square.

The food isn’t bad and is a little cheaper than the nearby restaurants. Having dinner in these little stands is a great way to enjoy the square’s lively atmosphere and take part in the daily lives of the locals.