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About Marrakech

If you’re planning your next trip to Marrakech, you will want to find out about the country’s currency, the languages spoken in Morocco and the documents needed to travel to Marrakech, among many other useful and frequently asked questions, which are all answered in this article:

Frequent questions

  • Documentación necesariaTravel advice
    Do I need a visa to enter Morocco or is my passport enough? How much time can I stay in Morocco without a visa?
  • Idioma What is Morocco’s official language? Can I get by in English if I don't speak French or Arabic?
  • Moneda What is the official currency in Marrakech and Morocco? Do I need to bring cash or is it wiser to withdraw money from an ATM in Marrakech? Should I exchange money at the Airport or wait until I get to the city?
  • Precios How much does a hotel cost in Marrakech? Is everything as cheap as they say? What do they charge for a dinner for two in a traditional Moroccan restaurant?
  • El tiempo Is it very hot in Marrakech? When is the best time to visit the city? Does it ever rain?
  • Días festivos en Marrakech What is the Eid al-Adha? When does Morocco celebrate its public holidays? How do Moroccans celebrate their festivities?
  • Seguro Médico en Marrakech What is the healthcare system like in Morocco? What should I do if anything should happen? Do I need travel insurance?

Other questions

Electricity, plugs and sockets

View of Marrakech from a terrace
View of Marrakech from a terrace

Lively atmosphere in Marrakech
Lively atmosphere in Marrakech

The power sockets used in Morocco are type C and E. These are the same as in most European countries, except for the U.K. The voltage is 220V and the frequency is 50 Hz. If in your country you use another outlet, you will probably need a travel adapter.


You will not need any vaccines to travel to Morocco.

Current local time

The time zone in Marrakech and the rest of the country is WEST (Western European Summer Time) and WET (Western European Time). It the same time zone as the United Kingdom and Ireland.  

Opening hours

Marrakech has adequate opening hours, opening generally from 9 am until 9 pm. Some shops close on Friday and other close during lunch time, but reopen in the afternoon.

Visitors will find the main shopping area in the Medina, in the Souks.

Helpful telephone numbers

  • Ambulance: 15.  
  • Morocco area code: 212
  • Police: 19.