Tips for Visiting Marrakech

Tips for Visiting Marrakech

When travellers are forewarned they are forearmed, this is why this article contains a number of tips that will prove helpful when visiting Marrakech or any other city in Morocco.

Believe only half of what you are told 

When asking locals for directions to a specific tourist attraction, it is likely that they will tell you it is closed either because of holidays or because of a specific event taking place in the attraction.

They usually do this so they can easily persuade you to follow them and visit another monument or shop, where they will probably get a commission. Make sure to ask someone else or find another source to verify what you have been told.

Don’t take directions from strangers

If you are lost and want to find a specific shop or restaurant, we don't recommend asking for directions on the streets. Otherwise, you will probably be taken by a young man who will pretend to be heading that way, or wants to take the opportunity to practise his English, and end up in his brother, uncle or friend's shop. Sometimes you will find the shop to be interesting and there might be something you like, but in most cases you will find yourself even further away from where you wanted to go and a bit annoyed.

Some of the best salespeople

If you stop to look at something in a shop, it is very likely that five minutes later you end up inside having a mint tea with the owner while he tries to persuade you that his products are the best in Morocco.

No matter how sharp you might be and how little you want to buy something, you will most likely be persuaded to buy something you have absolutely no interest in, they're that good!

Do not get into a taxi without a taximeter

If you catch a cab and you realize the taximeter isn’t switched on, make sure they activate it. If they refuse to do so, get out and find another taxi.

Girls should stay away from large groups of men

We recommend girls travelling by themselves to keep away from groups of men that gather in Marrakech’s main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa at night. If they do, it is most likely that they will be molested.

Airport transfer service

If you arrive in Marrakech in the evening and it is the first time you visit Morocco, we recommend booking an airport transfer service to your riad in the medina with Introducing Marrakech. It is not very much more expensive than a normal taxi and you will be guaranteed a hassle-free journey and safe arrival at your riad.

Do not drink tap water

If you don’t want to be sick during your stay in Morocco we strongly recommend drinking bottled water only. Avoid eating salad and fruit that has been washed with tap water and if you ask for beverages, make sure you are not given ice.