Camel Riding in Marrakech

Camel Riding in Marrakech

One of the first things that tourists that have never been to Egypt or any other northern African country ask is “Where are the best places to do camel trekking in Marrakech?”

The camel, or dromedary (with one bump), in the case of Morocco has always been an important means of transport for the citizens, especially in the desert region.

Where to go camel riding?

Unless you are thinking of booking a day-trip or a several-day excursion to the Sahara Desert, where you will be taken to your campsite in a camel caravan, we suggest heading to Marrakech’s Palm Grove where you will enjoy a scenic camel ride surrounded by impressive palm trees and other vegetation.

If you prefer to book this activity online, check out our Marrakech Palm Grove Camel Ride. Book this activity with an English-speaking guide, including pick-up and transfer from your hotel, for just 25 (US$ 24.90) per person.  

If you would like to book a camel trek once you get to Marrakech, you can get to the city’s Palm Grove by taxi or, in our opinion the best option, in a horse-drawn carriage. After hard bargaining you can take a ride on a dromedary for 150 dh (US$ 13.70). Don’t forget to negotiate the duration, otherwise you will be taken on a very short ride.

Other places?

It is possible to find camels in other parts of Marrakech, but many of these are just for photos, contrary to the Palm Grove.

Nearby places

Ben Youssef Madrasa (2.2 km) Marrakech Museum (2.3 km) Explore the Souks of Marrakech (2.7 km) Dar Si Said (2.9 km) Jemaa el-Fnaa (2.9 km)