Marrakech Travel Insurance

Marrakech Travel Insurance

Although Morocco is at a short distance from Europe, its healthcare system is very different to the old continents’. Find out about the various types of insurances before your trip. 

The national healthcare system in Morocco leaves much to be desired, so we recommend visiting a private hospital if you're ill or get injured during your stay in Marrakech. The cost of these private hospitals is quite high, for this reason, we recommend hiring travel insurance before flying to Morocco. This way you'll be fully covered and won’t have to worry if anything should happen.  

Check out your different insurance policies

Before getting any type of private travel insurance, it's always a good idea to make sure that none of your other insurances offer this type of service, for example, your car or house insurance.

Another option is to make the most of the insurance offered by your credit card. It's wise to check the clauses before buying the flight tickets since sometimes you get travel insurance included if you buy the tickets with your credit card.

How to get international travel insurance?

If you don’t have any insurance that covers travel to Morocco and would like to get one, we offer a complete package from only 21 (US$ 22.50) per person.

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